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Michele Beaulieux
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In the episode, “ Navigating Decisions,” of the podcast, More To The Story, host Jamie Sivrais and I, Michele Beaulieux, talk about making decisions after sexual violence. I share my story and explain how I came to create the My Choice Decision Navigator and Our Choices Solution Facilitator. I explain how the Decision Navigator uses decision science to help victim-survivors of sexual violence make sense of their options and come to identify what they want to do.

I also put victim-survivors’ decision-making in the context of the rape culture in which we live. After all, “ It takes a village to rape a woman.” I explain how the Solution Facilitator gives co-strugglers help in supporting victim-survivors in their decision-making and making their decisions easier.

Jamie made a good analogy. Choosing a movie on Netflix can be so overwhelming that people just give up. Imagine how much more difficult decision-making for sexual assault victim-survivors can be! It makes sense that we might turn to decision science for help.

Actresses, Khrys Styles and Jacqlyn Schott, did a great job voice acting the fictional dialogue, Liz Tells Miriam about the My Choice Decision Navigator, that I wrote to introduce the decision navigator and solution facilitator in an applied example. (In fact, based on hearing their dramatization, I have edited the script.) Khrys, who plays Miriam in the dialogue, is the founder of The K.A.S.S.I.E. Project, a non-traditional healing initiative for survivors of sexual and domestic abuse. Jacqlyn, who plays Liz, talks about her experience as an actress involved in community theater on another episode of the podcast.

In the fictional dialogue, Miriam, a first year college student, confides to Liz, a junior, that Gabe, another first year student, sexually assaulted her and she is at a loss to figure out what to do. Liz introduces the decision navigator and solution facilitator to Miriam as a way for Miriam to sort through the issues involved in her decision. And there’s More to the Story: Are you curious about what Miriam decides to do? The dialogue in the podcast is the first scene is a series. In later scenes, Liz talks Miriam through the PrOACT decision elements — Problem, Objectives, Alternatives, Consequences, Tradeoffs — and Liz decides how she wants to handle the situation. If you know a high school or college theater group or drama club that would like to dramatize the full script depicted in the poster, please contact me.

As a bonus on the podcast, Jamie and I talk about identical twins a bit, too. When I hear audio of myself, I’m floored by how much I sound like my twin. I know. I know. I can see the eye rolls — no surprise to those who’ve met us! 😉

This was my first podcast and I learned a lot. It is a good beginning. I am grateful to Jamie for inviting me. There is More to the Story … Subscribe to this blog to get the next installments about what I’m working on and thinking about!

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